Golden Eagle 1911A1

Big Black Colt

Yeah well don’t be disappointed when you now see that they’ve just jacked the price on this model from $320 to $375 now.

Not cool. Still have it for $310 plus postage.

And vipertac for $320

Edit And as per below CEH are still $320 and can use RAPTORS for 10% off that.

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Ceh is at 320 as well
CEH GM1911


Ceh is still 320. Raptor code doesn’t work for them though. I tried.

thats annoying. Best retailer currently selling the Golden Eagle GBB's? said it worked for him but didnt say which model.

i bought some other stuff from them earlier and it worked for me.

Yes it does :stuck_out_tongue:

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yeah just checked too

I need to go have a chat with the guy that I got mine off of…

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Soooooo tempting… almost kept clicking through.

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Damn that is a good price for a decent product!

If you’re doing it I’d do it quickly. Had a chat to the guy who sold me mine and the code isn’t supposed to work. It may get changed very soon.

That’s fine - not exactly on my wishlist this year, although I’ll certainly click purchase when the 20-25% time comes (at 320 rrp of course) :smiley:

Spoke too soon - wife said if you like them buy it.
Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth indeed!


Stop it …

Damn show off :rofl:


I’ll be the one with tears when you get the TM and it works perfectly :star_struck:

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If it ever gets here :sweat:

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I find it odd that they’d do that since they already increased from $300 to $320 after the pre-order sales ended. Now again up to $375. Although Gel Ball Undercover has them for like $420 I believe :nauseated_face:

Ended up going with ViperTac because they come with a green gas mag already so saves me having to buy one separately, and I’d rather shag a rotten donkey than buy from CEH again :triumph:

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Geeze, I’m trying very hard not to buy this right now! Lucky for my credit card I cant find a green gas model…