Golgo 13 M16 replica parts wanted

Looking to make a functional replica of the golgo 13 M16. Wanting any parts that will suit as I only have the carry handle at the moment, though hopefully will get another one as part of the rifle it will be based on. Any help is appreciated and happy to pay for whatever is necessary.
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If you don’t have one already, the J9 would be a good starting point.

There seems to be some variation out there, but the consistent parts for the look you’re after are the M16A2 buttstock and handguard, both available here:

Some G13 sources show a cheekpad/riser like this:

I wasn’t previously aware of these, so not sure how readily available they are to buy/import.

There is also some variation in the ironsight/handle/scope area. Some are similar to the above (A2 handle with picatinny rail adapter), while more recent examples use the A4 picatinny rail receiver and the LMT rear sight:

Again, magazine varies - some show short “20-round” STANAG, while others use the “30-round” style that comes with the J9. You can buy short ones here:

You’ll also need a longer inner and outer barrel, a new “birdcage” flash hider, and scope of your choice to complete the look.

Most of this is readily available through both local and overseas stores, so quite achievable without too much effort (or expense).

Perfect mate, just ordered the buttstock / handguard. Was 50% off so a bargain at $25 with shipping. Thanks mate, that’s got the build started. Probably need to wait till next weekend to order more parts, but that was definitely a good start. Thanks again for the buttstock / handguard link, that was gold :+1:

Man that is a bloody awesome looking configuration. I love it. Looks mean as hell. The cheek riser really sets it apart I reckon. @Johnnie_Tuff, make sure you show off your Golgo13 once you’ve got it done. Keen as to see it mate. Remember there’s literally tonnes of info here regarding all of the technical parts of building up your blaster. Search key words, scroll through the different menus and ask questions if you get stuck. Some of the guys in here have amazing skills and knowledge and are bloody good blokes.
Good luck bro, you’re in good hands here.


Dude. Just watched some Golgo13 on pootube. How do I find full episodes of this?
Sorry folks, I know this is a classifieds section, just needed to find out…

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The original “the professional: golgo 13” movie should be on the pootube somewhere, also letter anime “queen bee”. I bit the ■■■■■■ and got the episodes from JB. They’re all based on different manga comics and computer games, but a bit on the soft side of golgo 13, he doesn’t smoke or plough as many, ummm fields :grin: first movie is my fave, but the theme song from queen bee, “shade of turquoise blue” is a work of art in itself. Will keep you boys in the loop on the build. Thanks farmercyst for your words of encouragement, hope that pints you in the right direction for some awesome big boy toons :+1:

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@Gels that first picture of the complete rifle is pretty much spot on, if it were in black. That’s some awesome source material for how I want it to look.

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Cheers mate. I’m on the hunt now…

Received handguard recently @Gels suggested, still waiting for stock.

Have also accumulated some other bits and pieces from classifieds section here (thanks again @HKlover for your good deal and helping out the blaster community) . Anyone with more suggestions or parts would be very welcome. Trying to source a receiver next, found a metal one from a Wells M4A1 on gumtree, but might be a bit on the expensive side. Thanks everyone who has helped so far and will keep updates coming through this journey :pray: Peace

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Few other shops are selling metal receivers now. I get my metal receivers from asiaairsoft.


I had a play with the new Wells one at m4a1 on the weekend and it looks as good as anything I’ve seen so far in cast alloy receivers and comes with the pins and mag release etc.

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Thanks @Rattler and @Slick :+1: haven’t made much progress recently, been focused on gbb pistols haha :cowboy_hat_face: still looking for buttstock. Seen a good one on zhenduo, but still hoping something cheaper comes up second hand. Also looking for a longer barrel set for the 30cm handguard :roll_eyes: