Good brand 11v battery

Hi All, I cannot find the battery brand name that was mentioned some time back. I have STD branded 11.1V 1Ah batteries that have gotten hot and stopped working when paying. The balance charger will not charge them anymore. The battery has expanded with gas.

At $30 bucks a pop it is getting expensive, can you recommend a high-quality battery and where to get them?

Turnigy seems to be the brand a lot of people are using.

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If your batteries play up like that, it’s usually because they don’t have battery protection built in. They have been drained too much or they have been discharged too fast.
The better mosfets prevent this to a point.

Lithium batteries discharged past 3v (or charged past 4.7v) will be severely damaged.

In a 2x 3.7 (7.4v) or 3x 3.7 (11.1v) it’s usually just one of the batteries that’s knackered, which eventually kills the test. I read some place that the turnigy batteries have protection on each battery cell.

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Jeeezus man that’s not good. Follow what @Arty_Marty says and be careful with those batteries. Chuck them in a salt bath with the wires cut to completely flatten them, as they are fkd. Do NOT try charge lipos that have cells that have dropped below 3v, only try rescue them if you’re experienced and have the correct setup. To check the individual cell voltage use a multimeter on the balance wires.


This is why some hobby people charge lipos in a concrete/steel box with a timber roof that has piles of sand on top. If something happens the timber will burn and dump the sand. Then your house won’t burn down. Also, storage of lipos should be in Lipo safe bags.

And everyone who reads this that doesn’t know how lipos work, please learn about them on YouTube. They can be very dangerous.

So it’s not the brand, it’s your battery care that killed the battery. But if you want a decent brand just get Turnigy, all my drones use Tattu R-Lines but they don’t have suitable gelsoft/airsoft batteries.

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you really want to start with a reasonable charger.

a legit b6 (i can’t speak for the knock offs) or better.


@Rokz @zeHamish are spot on. I also have mine in a lipo bag while charging.
A Lipo bag is a great investment.
They are made with a glass fiber lining. Just watch out for the design of the bag. You want something that closes well. Like this:


As you can see, it folds over a long way past the edge and has a large bit of velcro to hold it shut.

This on the other hand is a shit one:


The zip is plastic and will melt quickly leaving a huge gap around the top.

Thank you
I do lve in a old wooden Queenslander so I will be definalty purchasing a bag. Thank you for the advice.

I can lol eBay got my ‘genuine original copy’ lol IMAX balance charger $30

I love how the title is lipro balance charger not 'lipo


I love it , Ahh its a Lipro charger
Its a genuine knock off of a genuine knock off of a genuine knock off of a shit chinese lipro charger :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


And the exact one they sell at Jaycar for $100 bucks…Different brand.

Does it have an Aussie plug?

Or can you swap out the plug easily?

I think thats jyst 12v input that one.

No no doesn’t come with power supply but it’s easy to alter just get a 12v power supply for a laptop cut the end off and solder the plug that comes in the box that’s what I did

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