Good quality parts, where are you?

Hey Fam,

First post but I’m looking for good quality parts.
Now before you roast me, I’m asking some what of a loaded question doing some market research. Can you buy Australian made (or anywhere in the western world really) that makes 1st quality alloy billet gears and housings and that sort of thing?
a i r s o f t quality aftermarket parts? Trying to gauge the market for this sort of thing? or see if its already being done…
from what i see all the metal gear sets and stuff need some work to be smooth and reliable, where as billet NC machined parts would be spot on every time.
Sorry if this has been covered before, I’ve now read 1000000000 posts on here in the last 24 hours and hadn’t seen to much on this topic.

Cheers GUys,


Billet gears would wear very quickly. All the good gearsets such as SHS, ZCI, LONEX etc, are all CNC cut so should have pretty good meshing otb. If you’re asking about CNC gel blaster gearsets then it’s a hard no.

EDIT - I assumed you are referring to aluminum billet?

MK TACTICAL for your CNC boxes $240 ish

Seigetek gears $200+ a pop

Tienly motor $200 a pop

Leviathan mosfet $220

Lots of quality gear if you want to spend the cash…

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I’m not roasting you bro, but why do you need such expensive gears when nylon/plastic ones are $10 a pop?

Unless you’re running big springs, then I understand …

I am guessing he might be interested in producing quality components, and if so good on him :+1:


That’s fair! Sorry I’m so jaded…

Yeah I’m looking to see if its something people are seeking, 6065 is pretty strong and if they are a nice bevel edge cut i think they would work fine.
might clone my std gear set and see if they strip or not?

but yes was also looking for links to or a heads up on current parts, if there is already a manufacturer making high end parts ill just buy one of those for what its worth…

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pwoh… those billet boxes… now that’s what im talking about…

The genuine SHS gear set are petty good, I have never worn out or stripped a set yet.
I also use the Bigrr gear sets and had no issues with them either.
Good gear sets are steel and also hardened but not too hard.
If you plan on using aluminium you would need a heat treatable one , not for strength but for wear resistance.

I might have a crack and see how we go, if i get good results i will post them up.
im a noob at blasters, had my ■■■ a year or so and only just opened it for the first time. while i had it open i figured there would be heaps of billet parts but not so much so wasn’t sure if its because its un -needed or things just haven’t gone that direction yet.

cheers for the honest replays guys… good community here.

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