Good quality plain tactical vest? Diy body armour

I’m after a inexpensive tactical vest that is strong, and a decent size.
It’s actually going to be a base for some diy scifi body armour.
Need something that has clips not wrap around velcro
Don’t need bags or pockets etc. I’ll add that later.

Sick of buying something from AliExpress that turns up made of something weaker that tissue paper, or so small it wouldn’t ever fit around a beanie baby :roll_eyes:

Any recommendations?
Has anyone else made stuff like this? Love to see your designs etc…
I love the look of the Elysium one that Kruger wore…


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the ana v12 or any of the 6shxxx are the closest to a “bare” modular vest

not the cheapest, but its good quality and a good selection. ships to aus and you can buy in AUD as well.

dont try to buy armour inserts, and beware if you delve into the ■■■ parts - most are real and not for aeg’s