Good source for picatinny rails?

Does anyone have a good source for cheap metal picatinny rails of various lengths.
From short to “stupidly long”

Be good to have a supplier that’s consistently cheap instead of having to spend an hour researching everytime need one…

i found a bunch on ebay that looked ok.

didn’t buy at the time but at some point i will have to

I don’t think I’ll ever buy another rail from a local shop (even for my actual rifles)
They’re always stupidly overpriced compared to what’s online somewhere like eBay…

Of course, that being said, you usually get what you pay for so I wouldn’t get the cheapest option for an actual rifle either ($8 no name rails don’t feel/look as sexy as the $100 one you’d get in a store that was manufactured specifically for your rifle type but it still does the job)

For gel blasters, I’m sure the $8 - $20 options on eBay are fine :wink: