Goods shipping from China

So I have read an article that shipping from China has been reducing numbers due to the corona virus, headlines were “Global shipping has been hit by the coronavirus. Now goods are getting stranded” so if somthing doesnt arrive… this could be the issue.

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Well, outbound shipping dates have been pushed back from resellers, but not sure if this also means delays in transit once shipped.

Guess we’ll have to buy local if we’re in a hurry for anything.

I am getting deliveries from China every day. No slow down apparent yet but I expect there will be delays in the not to distant future.

When I read the article it was 22 minutes old… I’ve been actually skeptic about it aswell, I know the containers get a good dose of formaldehyde when they enter before they open it, but still whats wrapped doesn’t get a proper hit so it’s could still hold it. But am I paranoid.

Every day ? Capitalist :rofl:

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Well, pretty much every day. Sometimes even more than one parcel a day. Doing my bit to keep the postie employed :grin: