Got bored with one torch mount

Might order four more and another torch.


At the very least i can fit one more on this torch.

Looks great! Adds a wee bit of weight to the blaster too.

The paracord is a great idea for grips.

Have fun.

My goal with this acr is to make it as heavy as possible without hiding steel or lead inside it. Up to 2.6kgs with a full mag now. Since corona it’s gone up. 1kgs​:cry:. And yeah I’m paracord mad. It’s everywhere, holding my curtain up, on all my backpacks, my bedhead is wrapped in it, at least one knife. Nek minute my steering wheel is all camo paracord. I occasionally order blasters for mates and tweak them, every one got a splash of corded colour upon them. :sunglasses:


I had a go at printing on for an mlok, turned out quite nice


Got bored during lockdown and took the tightass option… made my own tac torch using the picatinny mount from a crappy plastic fake ACOG and a single LED Energiser torch… :wink:

It lights things up well… just waiting on a 45° picatinny rail adaptor for it. :+1: Handy tip : if you want to simulate knurl on a smooth surface, anti-slip grip strips from Bunnings work a treat.


Speaking of torches again. Ha ha, had one day off and lost it a bit.

And then this happened (look at lower pic rail)


I don’t know why but I actually like that M4 sight/handle that you put on the bottom rail. Looks pretty cool mate.