Got my kits out for the boys

RX AKM-47’s. Now you might think I’m a big fan of the AK’s def not my favourite but I do like the “Pakistani SWAT spec down the bottom. I’m selling all of these little buggers at some stage.
I haven’t completed the black out on the triggers yet because these haven’t been stripped down. But I think these look ok. The top is stock, second one has a full wood kit installed, feels nice to hold and plenty of weight. And the black one has a DK handgaurd with PIC rails.


Ever though about a Romanian build ?

No I haven’t actually. I’ve seen the kits but I can’t picture in my head what one would look like… apart from ugly. But I might be mistaken. I always show the wood on the ■■■ when I lost them for sale.

One my my favourite AK set ups is the Romanian wood kit with a drum mag the frontward bending for grip and the angle of the drum mag drives me insane but obviously where all different my brother who is a bigger AK guy likes the full classic look


Yeah buddy ive always been a sucker for the cartel style ak-47 (Romanian build)

Romain kit with a drum mag :heart_eyes:

Yesssssss,:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:. Wait :thinking: If that ain’t been done yet ill look into my self

I want to but figured dropping 60 for a drum mag and 85 for a Romanian kit plus. 200 dollar blaster may as well make it reliable and worth while using gelballmod and eBay would cost about 400. That’s with a metal cylinder head, plunger head, O ring, metal barrel, 1.3 spring, stainless return spring big metals gears would be I belive and extra 24 or around that so would be an expansive build to say the least

Bo that’s a cheap build I’ went overboard on my first blaster spend over $500 plus the blaster was at the time $240

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My current build I’m looking at $1000+ but that’s completely metal inside and out v2 split billet box. And worked to max

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I spent over 500 on my first blaster :joy: but it works great looks sick

I reallu do wish I could make a perfect blaster for me. I A don’t have the money and time. Being a school boy and all. I could just imagine an LVOA-C Metals hanguard, reviver and nylon butttock. In the classic green a 45cm barrel with perfect compression strong components, flawless gears a super strong gearbox a couple of drum mags an eotec with the side flip magnifier M bus iron sights a sturdy forgirp :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face: and to top it of a mossfet that would give it a nice rate of fire and keep the hole system just nice sadly I figured it would cost well over $2000

Shop around bro as much as I love to keep business within aus sometimes it just ain’t plausible when if outsourced from overseas can be ,:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:loads cheaper. Just break it down into sections. Starts by getting the box and it’s internals then receiver and attachments and just buy a couple parts each time U can afford it may take a couple extra months get all the parts but it beats nothing at all

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And that’s all that matters In the end of your happy with it

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Thanks dude will take your advice

No worries if you need any further advice or tips just pm me and I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction

Niiiiice!!!:+1:im lovin the blowback from em!! Dont know how I didnt know about them before!!!