Great video on red dot sights

This is a short “vs fight” style comparison of 4 different reflex red dot sights.

I’m posting this mainly for the great knowledge in WHAT MAKES A GOOD OR BAD REFLEX SIGHT. Not so much for this is something you should buy, because you’ll fall off your chair when you see the price.

Yeah these are $600 to $1000+ AUD and are real ones not copies. Way overkill for gelsoft or even airsoft. I also know some of us would still buy one, because we are crazy haha.

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need to find me an eotech knock opff

Aliexpress man. Eotech is one of the most popular knock offs.

I would be lying if I said I was surprised to hear theres knock offs being sold on AliExpress. Just like in Bali trying to sell me a LV handbag for the wife. “Oh this one genuine original copy” lol