Green gas compatibility?

Saw online that people were saying the P1 mags fit the XTP? Has anyone tried this out?

Had a couple orings break and can’t find replacements so was looking into green gas mags instead as it seems a lot easier to maintain.

Yep they sure do. But it will run at slightly lower fps… @LowGuido did a vid on the xtp and at the end he looks at the 2 mags and shows it working👍

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There’s chatter and a fair bit of “it’s suboptimal” chatter about the place

Lots of mags leak gripes which I can’t say I’ve noticed but then I’ve not spent allot of time with them.

There is a mag maintenance vid on the board which specifically addresses mag leakage

o’ring should have been lower down so it’s already sealed as you pop the gas bulb.

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The ■■■■■■■ version of the mags have a different setup. The bit you screw in has a second inner piece, you screw in the larger bit to hold the bulb in, then screw in the smaller inner bit to pierce it. Must have just cheaped out with the gel ball ones. Hopefully azraels imports these as upgrades at some point.

cool. $80 a mag then sell you a $25 upgrade to fix it probably

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I see a lot of guys having o ring issues with the mags on these pistols.

I’ve had a good look at why this is happening and have done a few things before using mine and so far after 10 bulbs , 5 mags per bulb and 14 AKA gels per mag, I haven’t damaged a single o ring.

The entry hole in the mag for the piercing cap has a few sharp edges so before using the mags I cleaned all the threads and then used a piece of scotchbrite scouring pad to smooth out the entry hole and sharp edges and also the very top edge of the thread, it also removes the black paint on the sealing surfaces.

After this give everything a good clean with a toothbrush and polish with a lint free cloth.

I use thick Kublai or other silicone grease and coat the thread and sealing surfaces in the mag and also the thread and o rings on the cap.


I’ve got 6 mags and haven’t had a single problem with any of them. :+1:

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It’s more at this point that the orings are damaged, but nowhere sells them. So until I can buy replacements I have a useless ■■■ essentially

Try somewhere like statewide bearings. Take your oring with you but pretty sure it’s 16mm ID X 2mm.

Azreal’s just had o-rings in stock so I snagged some. Gonna definitely try this out.

Also when I was firing over the weekend, I was using AKAs but they were about a week old and they didn’t have a great success rate. Anything special you’re doing with your gels?

Funnily enough my AKA’s are 4 weeks old and I just threw them in some water again to get them to 7.3 - 7.4mm.
The mag tilt fix also makes a big difference.
I rarely get broken gels


ahhh yeah, gotta properly do that - found one bit of ducktape didn’t do much and 2 bits was too thick

Azreals have more in stock. I got some earlier today.

I still want to know if the blowback housing on Azreals is a upgrade or a replacement.

Yeah I’m a little confused on the lack of spare parts for these - especially Tac Edge on their website doesn’t seem to have much.

Mag tilt fix o.o?

This one from @GelSoft_Warrior


It’s an exact replacement

So I jumped the gnu so to speak and bought a green gas early for the hicappa that’s meant to be coming out but apparently where I’m planning on getting mine from is actually co2 :roll_eyes:

So I’ve went and bought 2 refillable co2 cartridges to use the green gas in. From what I’ve read up on (only just learning all the myself) some co2 gnus Can have issues cycling because of the stronger springs and the green gas doesn’t have the gusto to do it.

Hopefully these refillable cartridges get through customs. (Or even get sent :roll_eyes:). But I don’t have my pistol yet either so hopefully I’ll have it all to try soon.