Green o-ring safe?

Hey, i was wanting to know if anyone could vouch for the strength of this gearbox.
I don’t know much about blasters and have bought a green o ring for my BLG M16 but am worried it might do damage from the extra compression as it is a very cheap blaster (got it for $115).

Are green o rings generally safe? Are there other components that usually get upgraded along with them? I was thinking of upgrading the spring as well but not sure what spring i need or if it will do damage.

I am pretty sure green O rings are safe … I have yet to be killed by one :rofl:

Usually the spring gets done along with the O ring… The thing that usually kills O rings prematurely is damaging them when instaling the piston into the cylinder… because the O ring should look almost too big… have to push the last bit of it in gently as the piston goes in…

And, not enough lube meaning they run dry, hot and wear.

Too much compression shouldn’t be possible, or anything to worry about even on a cheap blaster… what kills cheap blasters is people insisting on using 3S batteries and fitting too thick a spring…

A reasonably cheap blaster with a reasonably good seal, a reasonably good spring should be quite…

reasonable :upside_down_face: