Grenaaaaaaaade! πŸ˜…

Not really :rofl:
But it is an active feed hopper supplying gels to the stock mag! :sunglasses:
Grenade launcher drum mag


Was that the mrs walking out going wtf is happening? :joy:

Indeed good sir !:rofl:
Had already dumped half the gels before I grabbed the phone :sweat_smile:
Back porch looks pretty now though, covered in pretty pink :gem::rofl::rofl:


Black one on my M4SS :blush:

Or a WELLS :thinking:


You know you want one :rofl:

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You Sir can go and fck a goat. With a handful of sand… or with Lube …
I don’t really care.
I appreciate your work, but don’t appreciate your pushing of this addiction :joy:


BTW…,.,…M4SS’s rock this world :+1:, the WELLS can only dream of being that good one day :grin:

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It’s my sons old Wells :sweat_smile:
But yes, after never owning a Wells. Then getting 2 x PDW9 and a MRT recently, it’s seeming common that they are plagued with problems.:thinking:

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Once they’re rebuilt right I find them to be pretty good though. It is a shame how horrible they are ootb though


Haven’t had a chance to open up the PDW yet :confused: Still laugh about its double feeding issues though … never had any other blaster do that to me before :roll_eyes:

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WELLS MRT :sunglasses:


Did you just cut a hole into a mag for the gels to keep feeding or is there a little more to creating one of these beasts?

That’s a little bit too much…

Where can I get one? :blush:

That does look good. :+1:
Top marks for thinking outside the square.

Wonder how it would look without the stock.

Windows in each side of the magπŸ‘
Modified the launcher to allow gels to feed through :sunglasses:

You going to post pictures of close’ups and internals so we can marvel at your creativity?

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Oh gooooood :roll_eyes:
If I have too :rofl::rofl:

That would be amazing

It’s kind of mandatory.

Post tantalizing pics, and don’t deliver on the goods? Don’t be a cock tease

Alright alreadyπŸ˜…