Grenade Launcher Hopper Mod Guide

By popular demand… here it is! :crazy_face:
How to modify the GL hopper to actively feed your mags😎

Step 1. The hopper
So you have got one, now let’s strip it down. Its straight forward, remove the outer (slides off) then undo the screws to split the halves


Once split, you will see how they almost had it right but got lost along the way😅
With only minimal mods this is easy👍

First we remove/smooth out the little tabs in the bottom of the storage area along with the rear wall to allow the gels to fall into the rear section.


And here

Then we have to remove a section to allow access to the mag well.
Cut it out level with the top ‘horizontal’ rib in the mag well.

The last part is slicing the forward ‘vertical’ rib to free it from the side and bottom of the mag well.
Allowing it to be bent forward and upwards ‘horizontal’ to meet the top of the cutout you made in the rear wall and bonded in place.

Slice through here. ( I use a sharpened flat blade screw driver ‘chisel’ from both sides as it easier)

And here.

Use a jet lighter to quickly heat the top join and bend it into place level with your cut out in the rear wall before bonding it into place (I used Q-BOND with filling powder to reinforce the rib in position.

Once all smoothed out, that’s pretty much it for the launcher mods.
The gels can get to the mag well area, and the ribs therein now contain the gels to the sides of your mag ‘once inserted’

Side note…
Mark the bottom of your launcher mag well at the rear ‘vertical’ rib to make marking your mag easier for the next step.

That’s it… screw it back together, assemble the launcher and mount it on your blaster.


Luvin ur work bigmuthadrums one day I’ll have to get round to making one of these monstrosities or should I say Picasso’s :+1:t3:

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Explicit ‘smoothed out’ and excess pics.


Step 2. The mag.

All put together on the blaster with mag inserted.


Some blasters ‘Wells’ from my experience may need slight rounding of the launcher front mag well edge to allow smoother mag insert/removal.

We now need to mark the mag (I use a scribe) along the underside of the launcher mag well and in line with the marks we made at the rear ‘vertical’ rib.

Your mag can then be removed and the windows cut using these lines as guides.
Disassemble the mag if you wish or be careful not to go into the feed tube area.
The windows don’t have to be huge and you don’t want to go past the launcher internal ribs that guide and retain the gels any way.
Then just sand the edges to prevent gel damage.

It’s now ready for use, everything done right it should have no problems feeding.
Obviously if you tilt your blaster barrel down ‘vertical’ the gels can drain back into the hopper for mag removals.
Occasionally you may need to tilt the blaster barrel up slightly when running low on gels to get the last into your mag.
It’s a small price to pay in my mind.

The launcher can also be extended on your rail for more gel capacity.

That’s it kids.
Go forth and multiply your gel count!
Always remember to play safe.



Solid guide and solid mod, if you want the cool factor and under sling a launcher, that isn’t gas operated, then more ammo is a far better option over the rubbish performance of the spring fired launchers of the early days.

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Question, how are you reloading the converted launcher? Is there a door on it somewhere. Would make life so much easier on big game days to just carry a couple sauce bottles in the rigging and dump them directly into the launcher without having to ever change a mag. Handy little hack to keep shooting longer and less down time changing clips like everyone else.

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The launcher is loaded through the front rotatable cap that the launcher/ hopper is normally filled through :+1:

These are hoppers, not actual working launchers.

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That’s so awesome, can I send you mine to do please :smirk:

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'tis a hot conversion and a great idea :heart_eyes:



Cheers mate :sunglasses: