Grenade launcher shells


Anyone had any luck getting these into the country?

Either CO2 or green gas etc versions?


Could be fun

You know what would be cool is to have a top fill, shell-less one of these, have like a latex film inside to hole the gells in it then have a gas system set up as a sudden dump, youd send balls flying

The latex film would rupture when the pressure hits so youd still get one hell of a sound

You’d have to replace the diaphragm each time which would be a pita.

You can just put a bit of electrical tape over the end of these to stop your gel balls or powder coming out.
The only real consumables is the gas and gels and if you get a co2 one and use HPA in it, it’s just gels.


Would the gels fit or would you enlarge the shot holes?

Replacing the diaphram each time isnt an issue, basically the same as reloading a new shell. Just buy a 100 pack of cheap latex gloves and make the diaphram

Or even ballon rubber

Or even a condom? That way, someone will get hit and had no idea it was…

coming? noidea laughing (1)


My son wants to do a spring powered mortar that fires like 10cm round gels. I wonder if that would be legal at Donnybrook? :crazy_face:

These just have a single hole, so take anything up to 14mm paint balls

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