Grinding out metal/steel teeth on a piston

Hi guys,

Thanks for all the responses so far helping me build up my new J10.

Just wondering if anyone has any tips for grinding back the metal piston teeth or tools that I could use to do it at home?

I tried using a file but it would take ages to grind back…


Got a dremel?

What reason would you need to grind the piston teeth

Short stroking or sometimes after AOE adjustment you may need the grind a tooth for clearance

Oh ok no worries

Yeah a dremel, and a vice to hold it in place. And then take off teeth from the ladder on the piston to match eg, 2 teeth off the sector gear 2 teeth of the ladder (which you can remove when you remove the piston head) you will loose some of the cylinder volume, which was the goal for me when I short stroked, I ended up taking 4 teeth off, I was getting timing issues with the 13:1 and my motor. It took it down from 380 to 300 fps. Give it a good clean after too you don’t want metal dust or shards in the grease on the gears.