Growing gels in Dettol

Hope this doesn’t offend anyone, but are there any QLDers who control the cane toad populations in their backyards with a mag full of Dettol filled gels?
I wandered down the back tonight to water the garden around my beehive and there are 12 of the rotten b4stards staring up my hive waiting for bees to wander low enough for them to pick off.
Apologies to any cane toad lovers. Hope I haven’t offended, but I’m keen to do the experiment if nobody is yet to soak a teaspoon of gels in a Dettol solution

Try it and let us know how it works…

I use a 5 iron on them myself… that way they become the neighbor’s problem laughing%20(1) (if they live)

Don’t worry about offending people here… it is my favorite passtime rofl chainsaw


Salt balls would work wonders too

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But then he risks getting done for assalt? noidea

See what I did there laughing%20(1)

At least if he uses dettol… he can say he was actually trying to help them (medically) icon_e_smile


I’ve used Dettol on toads, didn’t know salt worked on them too?

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So many great results all round!
The first solution of 50/50 Dettol/water didn’t work. The throw-away gels that I used only grew to around 6.5mm. So added fully grown Ausgel Armour Tech greens to the solution for an hour, then loaded them into a trusty old M24 and fed the whole mag into the toads. Following night - zero toads. 3 more of the dirty b4stards we’re back tonight, but I suspect that they’re new to the party.
Really appreciate the contribution to the thread and one final upside… the missus chipped in with “pleasant change to the man cave. Instead of stale farts, It now smells like a hospital” :joy: