Grub screw supressors

Hey guys, any tips for mounting grub screw suppressors? I’ve had 2 in the last 2 weeks turn to a point under my handgaurd where I couldn’t access to undo the grub screw and in turn, cause damage to the outter barrel trying to get them off

Loosen your handguard so then you can get at the screws.
I allways drill and tap so it has 4 screws


Did this mid game, the supressor angled down and gels where hitting it, so heat of the moment I pulled it off lol

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Yeah single grub screw is bad enough but onto a plastic barrel is like asking for trouble :rofl:

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Oh and that’s blaster abuse btw :no_mouth:


The metal one on my extremis looks similar :cry: lucky it’s hidden I guess haha

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