Guarder G17 from Armoured Heaven update

It’s interesting because as far as I know gaurder themselves don’t offer a complete package or pre built glock.

So it seems truthfull that it isn’t possible without modification

3 techs, one of whom got it to work and no I won’t name them because it’s not my place.
Fact here is what I got was a load of shit that didn’t work. Not to mention when I pulled it out it has a hairline crack in it, as for fair trading well that’s going just fine.

Quick update,

So as everyone knows I sent my g17 back with the broken magazine for a so called repair/fix.

Brad and his tech have apparently “assessed” it and they have told me NOTHING needed to be done, no clearanceing, no replacement of parts, absolutely nada! “We just gave it a lube and tested with one of our new mags and it’s firing great”

This is after I sent him the list of issues posted above which were obviously ignored.
And I know it’s not the mag causing the issue as I have a brand new one that I tested in the blaster myself before sending it back.

He then went ahead and posted a video of (apparently) my blaster firing.
And blamed my busted mag that just needed the orings replaced. Then they tried to sell me a new mag which I refused and they have sent it back without fixing the orings in the original one.

So there it is so far. Pretty sure I’ve been fucked around again.
Will update further when I have the blaster next week.

Maybe a miracle may happen and it’ll work. :roll_eyes:
Highly doubt it!!

When you get it back. Make a video for yourself of opening it out of the box. Testing it with the broken mag and then the new mag. Do it all in one single cut. It’s hard to refute if it goes straight from their hands to not working. (Or you never know. It might work)

Yep let’s just wait till I get it back to be 100% sure.

Would have been nice if they fixed my original mag! All it needs is new orings. It was leaking the day I received it.
Good to know they follow through with their warranty policy.

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Where is this video of it firing?

On their Facebook page.

If my G17 fires like that consistently with no half jams or issues I’ll happily eat my hat and be here to let everyone know.


Probably fixed your pistol or replaced it ,then made a video blaming you for the mag.
Makes it look like he is not a con selling shitty parts

So is it working now?

Still waiting for it. They delayed sending it back and then shipped it back cheap snail mail even though I express posted it to him.

:thinking::thinking::thinking: arrives, doesn’t work … blame Auspost handling :lying_face::lying_face::lying_face:

ooo…i suspect at this stage of the game that would be considered an unreasonable activity even from the other side of the fence.

find out in 7 stoned snail days though :rofl:

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Update two,

Finally arrived today and as previously mentioned the magazine arrived untouched and faulty just the way it was originally sent.
I replaced all broken orings and unsurprisingly all the gas still leaks out the bottom.

Now the blaster.

Brad has said in writing that no clearance was needed to be done and the problem was due to the faulty magazine.
I remove the slide and notice the bbu has had a small amount of the ramp removed and the front plastic edges on the rail mount has also been ground away.
Why didn’t he just tell me this instead of saying nothing had to be done?

Anyway it feeds gels better and the slide moves smoother but still half jams after about 10 shots instead of every two or three and still no slide lock with my one working magazine.

I’m fucking done!

Take it to Ze Authorities! If you can’t charge it back by card or PayPal. You don’t have to accept products of unmerchantable quality. You have given the vendor the opportunity to remedy the situation, a refund would now be in order.


Can we get a pic of the bbu?

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Is this the ssme blaster ECCB looked at and made a youtube vid of? Or is there more than one?

+1 to put pics up of the build

It makes sense he wouldn’t actually. To admit that a fully built guarder with guarder parts required modifications for fit guarder to guarder is the same to admit that the $1000 units he’s selling are predominantly incompatible with themselves without warranty breaking modifications and the claims made that you can just buy all the parts for cheaper and build it yourself is a marketing lie knowing that even if they buy the parts. Which he profits off of will then be coming back and making say for example another $200 from labour (he’s the top priced guy atm at $77 an hour for a label that right now contains 0 real qualifications required to be called such) to do the final couple touches to make at least a semi working unit.

It’s a game and a gamble. But provides him and the business with a good ego boost (can simply say they are more skilled than the person building and that’s why they don’t have the skill to just slap the parts together) even if the public opinion goes down. They still feel good about themselves and at least a second guaranteed trip back to their store where they are almost required to spend more money.

There is the warranty stuff. But we’ve all seen how he’ll refute them with reasons such as “I don’t like this guy so it’s not a valid opinion” and “my poorly made 3D printed feed lip isn’t at fault. You must’ve dropped the mag). So you’re in for a bit of a fight there too unfortunately as well.

Lastly. And this is just my personal wtf. If guarder is such top quality gear as claimed (in reality is mid range tops in as market) how does using anything but duster gas void warranty when we have units out that are only a third of their price and can use everything up to co2? Does he have no faith in the quality of his components or is he using a factory and supplier that cuts corners. If that is the case he shouldn’t be charging the proper made part retail price no?