Guardian goggles vs Protector goggles

Hi guys am interested in any feedback on the Protector goggles that can be purchased at Bunnings vs Guardian goggles that xforce are now stocking.

Main feedback would be around tendency to fog I.e. is one better than the other, and what technique or product you would use in conjunction to minimise fog.

Note I’m not asking about Dye or other product recommendations

The protector goggles from Bunnings work fine but can get uncomfortable towards the end of a session as there’s no padding.

Hit em with a bit of anti-fog spray and they’re good.

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If they’re they ones I’m thinking of from Bunnings there’s two little plastic vent things seated in the top rubber stuff that you can take out that really reduce the amount it fogs up.


Advanced Nano Anti-Fog Cloth - X-Force Tactical this cloth is awesome to use with any eyepro to reduce fog.


Tip with goggles and fogging, if you move the strap high on the back of your head, the top of the goggles should sit off you forehead enough to let some of the air out.

Paint ball trick.

And … i forget the name… , but go to a dive/scuba shop and get what they recommend.

Then give up and buy a dye mask