H92 M The M stands for modular

Here’s a little exclusive for the good peoples of GBF. The fruits of Covid-19 if you will.

Let me introduce you to the new MK Tactical model M. The M is for modular and it is set to be a modder’s delight.

Kaboom! Epic exploded view…

The problem, a split box is easier to shim but there’s still room for error with the traditional split box design.

The solution, a modular design that maintains the rigidity of a closed box and accessibility of a split box.

Now you can shim with ease, and then achieve precise AOE.

But when can I have it Max!
Yes yes, I know you’re all suffering from pew pew withdrawal. So I’m making quick work of this and the prototypes are with our trusted network of builders. These are names you know and trust and their wares will be featuring on their interwebs as soon as they put the H92 M through their final testing. All going well, you’ll want to be ready to secure the first units in July.


Looks good but also expensive, afraid to ask but what’s the price?


Yeah buddy!

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Yeah I’m in for sure

No motor cage mount points so it can be used as gen8 or V3? :frowning:

And hurry up with the P90 style gearbox!


Agreed with p90, I’m keen.:smiling_imp:


Even if you don’t want to put a p90 gearbox in a p90, it’s an awesome shape because it will fit in anything… Nerf, homemade bullpup, hollowed out cricket bat…


Lol cricket bat ?

Ok sir we’ve had reports of gu n fire at this location ,have you guys seen anyone with a weapon around here ?

No officer, we are just here playing a game of cricket and haven’t seen or heard anything :rofl:


put recessed holes for rear pin (like bushing holes) to put slighlty different plugs, one with standard centre hole one with it offset by 1mm? so can adapt to go into the ltd receivers on the m110 and scar maybe?

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waiting to order soon as it is released - i will use this one to shim my gears for the H92 and use it for my MPX - tried drilling the select fire hole in the H92 but will wait for this one.

Do we have an eta on when these will be released @MKTacticalHobbies?

End of the month was mentioned in a post.


Does the h92 M box fit inside the kublai receiver? More specifically the watz/kublai metal receiver