Handgaurd import/ assembly questions

Wow monkee mods order has arrived already, that is some fast shipping!


@HKlover What did you order from MM?

Got a 14.5 “ geissele handgaurd and a 12” outer barrel :metal:t2:

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@HKlover Lucky lol, you must have gotten the last stock. Guess I’ll have to wait till they restock.

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Oh wow that is lucky! Good luck!

Have pm’d you :metal:t2:

Well looks like my metal handguards Arnt going to come after reading some if this:(

Where did you order it/them? I’m finding cheap shipping and mail ATM taking 2-3 months to get here. A lot of places selling items at cheap prices will charge for semi-premium shipping then send by the cheapest and slowest anyway. That’s where the make their profits back up.

Wish items if you got anything there will almost definitely take 2-3 months, possibly even more. I’ve had things arrive 4 months after ordering, somehow. Long time to wait for a 50/50 chance you get what you ordered :joy::joy:

The parts aren’t illegal in any way to own or possess, you’re just technically meant to have a permit to get them into your possession if they come from outside Australia. Unless you ordered 10 or more at once I would be amazed if you had any issues with ABF.

That said ABF can pretty much do anything they want without any consequences on them so if you’re super unlucky and they are having a very slow month for seizures…honestly Mate, the chances of that are sliver thin.

Sweet as an I ordered it off ebay an it’s gonna take a month or two an thanks for the info bro