Handguard Help!

Help! New to building and trying to do some cosmetic modifications, I’m stuck here, I want to remove and replace the handguard.

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Thankyou! So the handguard just slides out of the delta ring?

Yes mate, need the adaptor if you want to replace other handguard .

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Legend mate! Appreciate it!

Be ready for some sawing if you want to use the adapter! I had to do the same on my well m401.

However it looks like they are coming out with more handgaurds for the m401 since the j9 uses a similar system. Check out

They have a few for the well in various sizes if this is the style you want.

Just ran in to the problem! Do u need to saw off the plastic bits that stick out from each side that hold the plastic delta ring and spring under it in place?

I was attempting to put a metal delta ring with the new handguard. I checked my kublai and it goes straight on it without a drama, turning the old wells in to a cqb.

So you cut off the plastic bits and do a little trimming and dremelling the upper tpiece rails as you go to get a tight fit. I found that buy shaving them in a mm or 2 at the newly cut entry to the receiver made the new adapter fit much better.
Make sure the receiver closes fits closed properly before trying to screw it all together or the nuts under the top rail just pop out.

Should look like this installed. You can see that the existing delta ring assembly is completely removed.

So if you do this will you need to get a new outer barrel or adapter?

Hey Kkepper.
It required both a new hand gaurd and outer barrel as none of the original m401 front end parts will fit the adapter.