Hands on Golden Eagle 1911 G3399

3335 I think

It will look more like this when I’ve finished with it…

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Where did you end up buying the DB mags? Got a link per chance?

Is there a link for said mags?

Vipertac, x-force and pistol pavilion have them.


does not say its a double bell but i assume it is


Awesome thanks :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:

Yeah that’s a double bell. They are a gloss black where the golden eagle are a Matt finish

Rip pretty much first week these bad boys came out and I can’t get a green gas mag for the Vietnam models you cheeky lads where feisty on the buy it now button

CEH still has them I think - but they charge delivery fee (raptors code might still work for 10% off). The link pic is CO2 but clicking it gives you option to chose between green gas and CO2.

That’s weird they where out of stock just this mornin

all 3 of my green gas 1911 mags mash up the fourth last gel ball into the slot.

That is really strange

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Then it’ll get stuck and you have to relive the gels left. Not to mention the last gel never fires cause the blaster slides back before it fires. A lot of little issues with those mags.

When I fill mine with gels i make sure the last gel is sitting to the left of the mag follower. It is tapered off in this direction. If I don’t do that the follower cocks the the left hand side and does what yours is. Give it a go anyways, I could be wrong.
Mine still locks the slide back with one left though, I’ve learned to live with it.

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tried both ways still same same. chamfered the square edges on one mag to test same result.
over it already. guy @ work be happy to get a cheap wall hanger

Ok well you may need to be careful how thick the buffer is because you won’t get it in if it’s much thicker than the standard one because the guide rod is one piece


So the classic model 3313 turned up yesterday. Comes with a CO2 mag, so I ordered a green gas one as well to compare.

As far as the pistola goes, having no experience with gbb, but a bit with the real stuff, the weight, heft, feel and action are all very nice. The thing seems to have a little bit of side to side play when you shake it unlike the real deal, but nothing that’s annoying.

Straight up the slide action is slick, the safety crisp, the grip safety same, and mine locks back on empty mags no problemo with either mag. I read someone else had one and surprised themselves shooting it not realising the mags were gassed up, so I was prepared for that, but being a chump I didn’t realise you can cock the hammer and fire it single action. Since no round is being fed into the chamber and they shoot off the top of the mag, there’s no requirement to rack the slide to fire the first shot, other than coolness, just hammer back and away.

Also found out that they half cock as well. So with the hammer back, pull it a little further to the rear, hold the trigger then slowly ease the hammer down till it stops halfway. It’s so you can carry a real one with a round in the chamber and no chance of accidentally firing it if the safety comes off, no requirement for half cock on a gel blaster, but still very cool that they can do it.

Stripped mine down after reports that they come dry as a nuns cunt, but mine wasn’t too bad, still gave it a dose of sewing machine oil to make it wet enough to thrash. Both CO2 and green gas mags were full, shot about 4-5 mags through the CO2 to empty it, and one through the green gas. CO2 was 250-260fps average, green gas was 280 consistently for the mag. I’d heard CO2 goes harder and green gas is easier on the gat, but my green mag hit harder for some reason. And stinks like a bastard. If I get another and run CO2 I may have a green gas mag to trade.

Accuracy was for shit, could maybe hit a cereal box at 10m once or twice per mag, and the slide locks back with one still in the mag, but other than that, Nada problemos and feels fantastic in the hand and to shoot. For a first gbb I’m well impressed. Would love a threaded hopup in a mock suppressor, and will look into a metal barrel if everyone else thinks they’re the rage, but overall just a blast of a unit to have fun with.

Looks, fit and finish and action are all above what I was hoping for. Most blasters seem to be people shelling out too much, then convincing themselves all the problems are no big deal and you just fix them yourself, but this so far seems to be buy and away you go.

Also, purchased for cheap from ihobby with the forum discount, and like two day express shipping, so chuffed there too.

Also also was shooting many week old akas. Shredded a couple but most came out sweet as.


I think that’s a pretty good assessment mate and pretty much how I felt about mine also. It does make me wonder what the benefits of dropping $800 plus on a GBB are when people can still be satisfied by products at the $350~ price point. Maybe we just don’t know what we’re missing yet?

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These golden Eagles all have the same guts I think, so it’s got me fucked how some are near six hundy and others are three hundy give or take. Mind you if you want to shell out your own hard earned on a bit of bling and the same performance you do you.

But fucking six to eight hundy on a toy that shoots totally rando over four metres? Must come with a built in ball tickling machine cos otherwise that sounds nuts… Badum Tish.

Seriously though, for that price a license and a real one is an achievable option. That being said, I’ve argued with some pistol shooting mates that gel ■■■■ are far superior, as you can plink in your backyard and shoot your mates with slightly less repercussions than doing it with the real thing.

At the end of the day I’d just like to see reasonably priced products that do what they advertise, and people not shelling out too much on inferior products and creating an inflated market.

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I thought the higher priced ones have a better quality stronger slide.
Also, you really need to install a metal inner barrel to get the accuracy better.