Hands on with my Well 1911.. it's great!

Solid. Weighty. Hit hard. I’m getting 4-6 mags per co2 bulb. They need a good clean and relube before you even fire them though. But after they are great.

Edit: should mention this was the 3rd mag out of this bulb. The first mag was hitting about a 292 average. The next mag after that went down to about 250. Then puff


We’re looking for a tear down on this puppy… who is it gonna be?

Check out east coast blasters on facebook. Danny just released a video of a disassembly. Tbh they don’t look much different than any other gbb. A few more part put in slightly differently but it’s mostly the same.

Does anyone know if a p1 mag work?

no they wont fit. Glock style mags are smaller than 1911/2011 double stack mags.

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What’s the mag capacity? I saw one video where the guy said 13, but he didn’t look like he knew much about anything…

Hey guys, anyone else having issues with gels not staying in the mags?

Depending on the gel size mine fits 14/16


I have now and again. Most of the time the issue occurs for me if the gels aren’t stacked correctly.

Is the bottom half of the 1911 plastic like the bottom half of the glock?

No. Full metal

Does anyone know who has stock of these blasters?

I’m not sure if anyone has stock atm

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Grow them a little larger

with your 1911, when the slide locks back, does the outer barrel moves back and forth alot exposing the inner barrel?
mine CEH one does, it also moves a little bit (about 1mm?) when the slide is closed forward

If memory serves mine does has movement yes

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Mine does.

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thanks for the confirmation guys
coz the first thing i did when i got it was to take it apart = .=
i wasn’t sure if that was meant to be like that, from memory my BBs back in taiwan didn’t have this movement

Was also worried about this when I first saw it. :slight_smile:

Only issue I’ve had with mine is a broken slide catch. Pin to catch to be exact. Other than that the 1911 kicks like a mule. :slight_smile: