Hands on with the Classic Army 416d?

TEH just chucked up another CA 416

Has anyone got any experience with the other 416 or the K-10?

Really thinking of biting the…well gel…on this one as my PX9 is the most reliable thing I own and I’m getting sick of having to fix up everything else I have

@Sgt_Salty has the CA416 I believe.

I had a handle in store and was tempted. Feels much nicer than the LDT, and assuming quality on par with the PX9, imagine it has decent output.

Resisted the urge for now, but it’s still on the radar.

I resisted the CA416 only cause I didn’t like that longer barrel…but with this one now it’s incredibly difficult to resist…

I’ve got the km10 and it’s sitting at 340fps without any work and the HK416 is sitting on 390fps with a 1.18 spring upgrade :joy: both are great blaster. Both are my most reliable and they feel amazing. I’m also going to buy the M16 when it releases. Classic army blasters are easily the best quality for the price.


I can second this my KM-10 averages 340fps OOTB built quality is awesome feels solid, When i purchased mine I looked at the CA416 i was just told its cosmetics (handgaurd barrel ect) internally they are the same.

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Oooft. That’s pretty hard out.

What kind of fire rate are you getting?

15rps atm… noones really sure why it’s shooting so hard on that spring but hey I’ll go with it. My 416 is becoming my DMR. Next thing will be to paint everything but the lower receiver and pistol grip tan :ok_hand:


Decided to mix and match some parts from other blasters. What’s everyone’s thoughts on this colour scheme ?


Looks nice and clean :sunglasses:
Great colour combo :+1:

That look awesome, may I ask what paint do you use?

Thats a custom made colour from inspirations paint and it’s suppose to be a match for dark Earth. The best paint to use is rustoleum Camo paint just make sure you use a primer unlike my lazy ass :joy:

Have had the CA 416D for about 2 weeks now and really like it.

Feeds very well, light but sturdy and feels like pretty decent quality for what it is. For the price I’d recommend it but would still wait for the next sale (got mine for $271 with 20% off).

Only blaster out of 5 that hasn’t been sent back after a few days :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Will be getting the LDT or DB versions for a DEVGRU upgrade so will be good to compare them.


Definitely gonna keep an eye out for your post when you get the LDT version to compare. I have the tan DB HK416A5 inspired by the HK416D CAG and it’s awesome.

Kinda want to build a two tone 416D.


Does this or any of the classic army blasters have mag prime?

I don’t think any of the CA range has mag prime.

How’d you fit the Giselle Handguard? Also, yours is looking heaps more bronzey than mine, mine’s a more ugly greenish brown haha

It fit on no problem with the barrel nut it came with.

I had that same problem with the colour. Got the same style handguard from RA Armament, and their pictures were misleading. The colour was way off, luckily I got a refund. Their excuse was they are in the process of changing the photos (still haven’t changed a month later lol)

Got the current one from shootercb. A**soft Artisan brand, their colours are usually pretty good.

Aiming for something like the below so pretty similar. Copying the Seal Team Jason Hayes build

Geiselle handguard on the way from AliExpress for $25 so see how that fits.

No mag prime on the CA but even playing with it all day yesterday it was flawless.

Very snappy trigger response which is quite satisfying.

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