Hanke (shell ejecting) Kar98K upgrades?

Hi guys, so I’m very tempted to get the hanke kar98k as its pretty satisfying especially when the metal shells eject flawlessly (with my experience) but the max 170-180 fps is a bit disappointing.
Does anyone know if the spring can be changed or if its possible to change the inner barrel or do anything to make it well… good? Aha
Any help would be much appreciated cheers :+1:



Wait for the real timber on gas.

Damn thats powerful and that woukd be a dream come true. Only problem is gas powered gel blasters are not allowed on South Australian fields or even in SA for that matter :upside_down_face::sob:

@Slick any alternative ideas besides moving to Queensland?:joy:

Duct tape another blaster to it painted with camo. That way no one can see the second blaster but you can pew pew away as if all the shots were coming from the kar98. Simple. And if you can’t do that tie a rubber knife to the front and if you can’t hit them with the gel balls throw it like a spear or pad the back and hit people with it like a club.


:joy::joy: I guess a kill is a kill doesnt matter how you got it

out of ammo, this is preference.
Great for trenches around your tent as well