Hard wiring a Vector?

I just watched a YouTube vid on a guy who said he hardwired his Vector, removing the motherboard.

I’m waiting for a new motherboard which won’t be here until next week so thought I’d give this a go.

Any links or instructions?

It would be easy enough.

You’d lose fire selection though and should probably upgrade the trigger switch

The gearbox sensor switch would be taken out of loop

Look for a gen8 wiring diagram.

Thanks for that, though it would just be temporary until the new motherboard board arrives. I want to show my gel blasters to some mates coming around tonight and I blew both boards!

If I were to do it permanently I would get the easyFET, which I’m going buy and have on hand as they are only 20 bucks. Would be great if they had a semi and burst fire mode

So when you remove the gearbox sensor, the gearbox just keeps turning over until you release the trigger whether it completes a cycle or not?

That’s correct.

Not ideal for standing load but it’s a design feature of non fet boxes