Has any one got one

Gday guys,
Has any one got one?? I just ordered one to see how it goes.
I got a hop up 1.3 spring and new cylinder and a couple extra mags for it as well.
Mixed reviews but I’m up for the challenge to see if I can improve it any.

@LuckyLiam and @Rowan_Ralph do.

I just got mine today and started on the mods.
1.4 spring installed and I thought I better strengthen the handle while I was at it.
Drilled a hole through, screwed in a thick self tapper screw and then filled with epoxy.
I have just put about 10 mags through it and solid as (I don’t think the epoxy was really dry either)

On the way I have a 1.5 spring, metal outer barrel, alloy inner, hopup and aluminium bolt handle.

Really impressed with the way it shoots. My backyard is not really long enough to fully test but up to 15m I can knock down the smallest target on those auto resetting thingys. The bigger 2 targets I can get with in 3-5 shots, the littlest target takes me about 10 shots but it is also very windy today.

Hopefully once I get the hopup it will improve distance.

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Just found a 1.7 spring on aliexpress so that is also on the way.

Yeah dont go any higher than 1.4 spring.
I installed the 1.5 spring and out of the 10 balls that came out only 2 or 3 stayed in one piece, the accuracy was horrible and then the bit that goes through the handle snapped and I ended up pretty much punching my self in the mouth.
I have ordered another complete bolt spring tube unit and I will chuck back in either a 1.3 with a spacer or a 1.4 spring.
My modified handle is holding up really well.
I got the metal handle yesterday but it doesnt fit.
Has anyone tried the metal $150 odd upgrade thats on aliexpress.
I canf find any reviews about except from the people that actually make it.

Standard barrel too I’m guessing?

This one?

I ordered a standard plastic unit but I also have that metal unit coming as well.
Will report back and let you know the results.

Should get the metal outer and inner barrel soon as well.

if you wanna get one google gangjiang m24