Has Anyone bought from Spartan Blasters Before?

Long story short. My Mate really wants an LDT HK416D V3 but they seem to be sold out everywhere.
He found one on Ebay from an ebay store Spartan Blasters, a quick google shows they have an actual webstore. https://spartanblasters.com.au/

They had a few neg feedbacks on ebay about a couple blasters so before he goes and buys from here I just wondered if anyone else has bought from here before & what the experience was like ?

Heres the facebook negatives

Yeah dont do it , good chance its a factory 2nd or return etc. Bit weird the website is out of stock but the ebay store has. Good way to get rid of shit stock. Not full size ? Hahahaha
I saw a v3 with the bag yesterday somewhere ill have a look again.

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X force!!


To be fair I just seen someone receive the acr for 160 from their ebay store.