Has anyone made an order from overseas?

Has anyone made an order from tiger111hk, or Asiaaissoft? I want to purchase a few parts but am unsure if it would get to australia. I mean il take the risk if there is a 95% chance of it making it.

I ordered from tiger, a timber AK butt and a Mk18 hand guard. Apparently stopped before it got out of the country.

They “offered” to send it via surface mail for another 36.00US or cancel and lose the 20.00 in shipping already paid and refunded only 85% of the purchase price.

Never again.

i am holding off on tiger111 and wcg for now. monkee mods malaysia is fine

True shit gav? the prices at Tiger111 are so tempting

I’m still going though the PayPal hoops with Tiger at the moment. The order was way back in January!

I have found Monkey to be fine.

I get a good run from asiaAir

Never let me down

Asiaair seem a bit more pricy

What parts are u looking for! Coz theres two euro store that I am looking at atm who ships to aus
i got couple exterior pieces from them, Begadi said they won’t send whole thing, but parts are generally ok, fire-support i am not sure what they won’t send, probably email them first if they got the parts u need

Or just try to find said parts on aliexpress?

I’ve ordered from asiaairsoft , was only 2 weeks ago so have not got anything yet, I’ll let u know if they come

do u know what shipping method they use?

Not sure, went back into my order but it doesn’t say, tracking number is for Hong Kong post for over there then after that don’t know, just says departed for destination

I’ve got a bunch of stuff from Asia air, tiger, one thing from evike (which was a pain) and a few things from air station. All parts, nothing illegal because that would be stupid.
Things like handguards, scopes, stocks, AUG upper in metal etc…

My order from evike was pretty painless. Bought a holster, belt and some o-rings. Got shipped via UPS. Got a phone call from UPS customs person who told me it was stopped for inspection, followed up with an email to me with what details had been provided on the customs declaration which had it just listed as “■■■■■■■ parts”. I just had to email the invoice I got from evike and links to each item on their website. Was released that afternoon and I had it 2 days later.

U mamage to get evoke to ship to vic o.O?!

Sometimes there’s a box that says message to seller, u can ask them to write gel toy or kids toy on the package description. Depending what it is most will do it for you

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i’ve used the below without issue:


as for evike - don’t use, pain in the ass

Can u please share the link for wcg and brill?

Asiaairsoft have their shipping price includes in the website price.

I’ve used both and received all orders from them. Also used ehobby and had 1 confiscated out of 5 deliveries (my fault I knew it would be a 50/50 chance getting through when I ordered).

What got confiscated? Do the issue a fine or is it just a letter