Has anyone made an order from overseas?

I’ve ordered from cool hobby’s. No dramas getting it and shipping was quick. Noticed even Chinese stuff off eBay using Orange connect post is quick now. Ordered 22nd and it’s in Aus already

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mamage to get evoke to ship to vic o.O?!

Yep. They said they wouldn’t ship me anything as aîrsoft is illegal in Australia, and I said I’m ordering a sight and there are no restrictions on that it’s 100% legal.
So they sent it. :grin:

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HKT are only surface mail to AU :[
so will be long waits i assume aliexpress be the same and most of china HK unless you can get DHL to ship it by air

Tried that a while ago, didn’t work for me :frowning:

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It was an asoft brand MP5 lower receiver. It was way too cheap not to risk a 50/50 gamble :joy: