Has anyone purchased the TE Patriot M4 CQB?

Hey guys has anyone done any mods to their patriot mainly external? Ive already ordered a new stock. What about the front?

Hey mate, Beard and Blaster club on Youtube has a video on the patriot, might pay to watch it through.

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cheers mate, im not so much interested in his review as i am pretty familliar with aps blasters (although i do like his videos) but more interested in what mods guys have done to theirs externally. Any pics would be great.

This might help give you a better position to negotiate from. Check out what 'ol mate paid for his.

Great ch doing good work. If you haven’t already, consider giving him a sub.

Good luck.

Hey bro, disregarding the rest of the review video that old mate shared above (cheers for that!)…there is a small section in the video where I remove the suppressor and take off the front handguard. Just skip to the 10:00 minute mark. Might give a little bit of a better idea of what you would be dealing with if you want to modify the front end. For my particular one, I am going to keep the front end as is but do have an alternate stock on the way because ewww.


Cheers mate, appreciate that. Ill check it out. Ive just ordered the same aps stock as the mpx so thats sorted. The front end isnt too bad but i may add a slightly longer handguard and hopup with a supressor cover

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This is how my Patriot ended up, I quite like the front end on it but had to get rid of the rear butt-plug asap.


What’s the OD on that front end part?

Very nice mate! that actually suits it really well. 100 times better than the double ender :joy:

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Not a patriot but channeling the double ender.


Nice! It does have heaps of room if you wanted to run a bigger battery

Boom! 100 times better. Will look at changing the handgaurd next. Gonna keep it short.

Plus a few goddies have arrived so will give this gearbox the same treatment as my other aps one :grin:


Ran mine today at Milsim East, it was consistent and pretty good for CQB being so stumpy. Happy days!


Very good :+1:t4: i havent put a gel through mine yet, dry fired only, sounds normal.

Going to open up the box today, will give it a radius job and throw some bits into it.


forgive me for saying it but i don’t zee the point in spending that coin for something that looks like that to then spend more coin changing out stock and handguard.
could have just bought a metal wells receiver $150, put a cnc box in it and then put what ever stock and handguard on it you want.
again just find it funny :grin:

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Totally get where youre coming from. I have a few reasons why i went with the patriot.

I dont have alot of blasters so i prefer all my parts/spares etc to be compatible

I have no need for a cnc box and high rps/fps build

I have shitloads of gen 8 mags and nothing else of mine is wells

My mate has a wells cqb and in my opinion the patriot exterior is built better, more sturdy and i like the look of this receiver/crs combo better than the wells

Im more familiar with aps gear and so far the mods i have done to my other aps gearbox have held up pretty good through countless games now.