Has anyone tryed S&P metal gearboxes

+1 for these boxes and +1 for the mandatory rebuild

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They certainly look like the original TITAN/Silverknight Gearboxes that I cornered the market with :joy:
Just updated the colours and branding.

They are a direct LDX copy, which means that all LDX parts will fit :+1:

They’re actually a pretty good box for the price, especially compared to many other more expensive brands that were around at the time.

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Damn, she fine

@MASTR_BLASTR Check it out bro… Same as yours but check out the price.
Very very nice even if they are cast…

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Yeh it’s the same as what I have! They are great for beginners who want to learn about building.

It requires a few parts to get it going too

I wouldn’t go past an M100/110 spring. I put I 130 to rest and I blew out the back but I think I was just unlucky as the spring retainer wasn’t that good…

Looks like I’ll have to lower my price :wink:

If you bolt through you reduce the chance of the retainer destroying the box to sfa :+1:

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Yeh the spring retainers thread was a little to short and I think that’s where I had my problems

Short how?

Maybe only 15mm deep so when I screwed the bold in it stoped after a few turns

15 does seem rather short

Yeh mate

I’m thinking of drilling it out a bit and then retreading it…

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