Have I done a Mosfet?

Hi I upgraded my sons V2 with metal gears, 1.3 spring and 11v battery.
It was work really well for a while. Now when you pull the trigger it primes the mag instead of firing.
I wish I found this site before I started modding this thing lol


Very likely.

Sounds like you’ve done it

Yep, I had the same happen a few weeks back.

ok cool thanks at least it’s an easy fix.
will i loose 3 fire settings the easyfet mosfet?
Are the easyfet the best ones to get?

I have a brand new single red vector fet I’d be willing to sell you for $20.

Never installed. Just collecting bits for my next vector build which is still a ways off soo…

But yes, easyFET has two fire modes

Full auto

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sorry for the newb question but what is a single red vector fet? And how does it compare to the easyfet

It’s a vector fet that is a single board rather than the split board.

The version I have has the standard headers for a direct drop in replacement

A thread around this fet board

So direct plug in, just upgraded to take more amps?

It does handle more amperage but not significantly

Spring strength is directly responsible for motor current draw

I know this fet will happily service a 1.4 and red chaihai

cool, $20 posted?
pm me your details and I’ll transfer the money this afternoon.
It’s only running a 1.3 so it should cope.
Another question. Will the standard nylon gears be ok with the 1.3? I’ve put eBay metal gear set in them along with a plunger and tube and I’m not overly impressed with the metal gears.

Where are you based? It’s be 20+ but I don’t really trust ausPost

I live in Caboolture Queensland

20+pH reg

But that puts you in buying from local store territory

M4a1 is up you way?

they only have stock ones by the looks of it.

Stock ones?

If it’s a vector fet it’ll be the same as mine or similar

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Pm me if you’re interested :blush:

Ask them for the board model mate.

Hoping for some help also. My vector began priming when I pulled the trigger. No upgrades but I did use an 11v battery. Now when I pull the trigger… nothing. I assume I tried the mosfet. Would this be correct?

That would be a fair assertion

The choice ahead of you is whether to retain the fire modes of go straight off/full auto

There are a number of threads around this matter with recommendations and directions.

Long and short is, repair isn’t terribly difficult