Have your say - non gel blaster related for sales ads?

Community, ballers and mobile targets…

What are your thoughts on the recently created for sale - not blaster parts category?

Many of our other hobbies are either integratable into this one or shared by a bunch of people here.

Posting is still moderated so trying to fleece your pink pony, unless its some cyberpunk fpv ground pounding future blasting platform, will get rejected by one of the mods

still…this is your space so, thoughts?

do we allow it with a wide berth of discretion?

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or do we don out luddite puritan caps and say no for sales ads for anything that doesn’t pew pew?

Can it be still be required to be peripherally related to the hobby? Eg, painting supplies, electronic equipment, anodizing/cerakote services etc.


Will there be weed? And can you ensure the vendor is not a policeman?


I think as long as it’s hobby related eg. miniatures, boardgames, FPV etc. and kept in its own category it could be good.

Edit: Can we put a bar on @Calcifer form advertising any of his “hobby” items?


Is there a market for second hand dildos?

Learn something new every day.


I have no issues with it :+1:


see those i see as directly related to the hobby


you should not play warfare wasted

thats a no-go for the weed distribution center there @Tiger


what’s the issue here with @calcifer’s sales ads?

they will have clear pictures and come with cake

but on, toys of personal flagellation will…oh wait…don’t blasters fall into this description?


I use an ad-blocker, but I’m sure a lot of guys here don’t, and would like to know how they can increase their penis size :joy:

I just know the type of ads that will get served here.
Russian/Thai mail-order bride services
Penis pumps, Viagra pills, etc
Dog/Cat adoption services
Plant-based meals (we know who to blame for that) :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d personally prefer not to see a stream of threads dedicated to people trying to sell their crappy motorbikes, cars, tv’s or furniture. This isn’t gumtree, eBay or Marketplace. There’s plenty of other places to sell that shit, I’d say keep it blaster related.


These would fall into not side hobby related and agreed.

Some relevance or common global interest to the hobby is required

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Maybe some where to offer semi-related services?

I have a vinly cutter here i need an excuse to fire up and access to an $18k embroidery machine.


That would be a good example

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Can it do patches @Tiger

Yes. I am planning to make a bunch for myself, son and out mates in the next few weeks.

We even found glow in the dark thread to try out as well. Its expensive thread thou, but so so cool

Once i have some samples ill post online

We bought some high end digitising software, and from my web and graphic design background can pretty much embroider image.

Have the hat and shoe attachments too, so the sky is the limit


Affiliate discounts might be better option. Get referrals or percentage of sale by using links and coupons on this site.

Serve us ads, and no-one will click-through to earn you much dosh. I could be wrong but I don’t think you have thousands of random visitors coming here every day clicking willy-nilly, but just a small group of regulars, with the odd lurker.

You wouldn’t even be able to monetize YouTube channel. LG has the most popular gel blaster channel around here and I doubt he makes enough in ad clicks to buy a single deluxe penis pump 3000.

I think it was for members to sell hobby wares not external ad banners.

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