Having an Hk issue

Hi, I’ve got a hk416 v2. I got it upgraded but now when i go to shot it the motor engages but it doesn’t fire. How do I fix it??

If you can hear the motor whining but the blaster is not functioning your gears are probably stripped, it’s a noise you will come to know and dread once you get into this hobby


Hey Simon,

Welcome mate!

Some more info would make it easier to try and diagnose.

What upgrades did you get done?

And by the motor engaging do you mean that it’s firing as normal and just not shooting gels or is the motor spinning and it’s making an ugly noise?

The more info you can provide on the issue the easier it will be for us to help you out.

Pictures and videos would help out a lot as we might be able to see something out of place or tell you by sound.
(videos will need to be uploaded to YouTube and then shared here)