Hawkex HK416 - Screws and whatnot

Hi All,

Anyone here with a Hawkex HK416 (complete kit) able to do a stocktake of the screws and whatnot that go into the handle (where the motor lives). I don’t think I’ve received all the parts and y’all reply faster than Hawkex :wink:

Mods - apologies if this is the wrong area, couldn’t see a Hawkex/V2 HK416 section. Please move if needed.

been awhile since i got mine but i don’t think you get any screws for mounting grip to gear box as it depends on which one you are using. I got the included warinterest gearbox and it had no screws for the grip either.
If you mean motor baseplate in grip you should have got 2 screws for that plus the motor height adjustment screw and the big plastic one that rotates in base plate.
Hope you got one where the upper to lower receiver matches up together. Mine was shit and had bends in it as well as the gearbox did not fit either. Will put up a build log with photos one day.

Oh bugger that sounds like a disaster. I was looking at those and glad I did not pull the trigger.

Thanks @benjmd, category added!