Hawkex HK416D or Hk416A5 from ra-armament

hey guys just wondering what would be better the Hawkex HK416D or the Hk416A5 from ra-armament both seem cool but I’m leaning towards the Hk416A5, but I don’t know when it will be out, what are your guys’ opinion?
also is there any info on the Hk416A5 I want to know what gearbox to put in it and if the blowback kit will work on it.

Mmm, the HK416A5 from RA looks very nice alright.
I wonder who the actual manufacturer of this blaster is though ? Most likely another AS conversion model.
I would also be interested to know exactly how the receiver assembly is constructed, either a cast alloy unit, or CNC machined aluminium. CNC machined would be the best and strongest.
Pity this company does not ship to where I live either…

The RA Armament ones have been coming forever :frowning:

Yeah true I asked then if there was any new info and this I what I got

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It’s sorta got me hyped tho

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