Hawkex Tactical Metal HK416D

Bought myself an SHS gstyle 14.5in handguard on sale for $25. Bargain i am thinking. Arrives with no barrel nut. Get on Aliexpress buy a WE and UFC barrel nuts as the threads are slightly different to see what fits for $43 and a set of rails for $22.
Barrel nuts arrive and i strip quad rail off. WE barrel nut is a little tight thread but all good.
Put new rail on and it’s 4mm lower the receiver. Fark i think. It’s a 416 rail. Go to Hawkex facebook page and theres a post from 12 weeks ago stating the hawkex 416d rails are higher and aftermarket rails don’t line up.
Thanks for making a HK416d different to every other hk416d Hawkex.
Just a heads up for anyone else with one and thinking of changing the quad rail out.

Current setup on it with an ACR mag
HT416D (2)


Sounds like Hawktex has a few quality assurance issues. I was leaning towards getting one of these but now I’m a bit hesitant. Did you reach out to them at all? I also noticed you had issues with the MK3 receiver they make :confused: for the price you’d imagine top quality, it is after all in the sales pitch on their website

I sent them a message on facebook and got this reply on the 23rd april 2020 concerning the MK3.Also sent email with photos of the issues.

Hi, sorry to hear that you had had issues with your order. We have marked your message for a follow up tomorrow so that we can address any issues in detail.

Have not heard back since. No follow up the next day at all.

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