Hawkex Tactical

shout out to Hawkex!!
Excellent service and the new batch of metal receivers is coming…

I know it supports the warinterest gearbox but what about the kublai gearbox?

A shell like that deserves a MK V2 box.

If i was using 13.1, 1.4 springs or 60000rpm motors, or a high torque 32.1, 1.5 spring and high torque or brushless motor, Totally go with MK
For an 18.1, 1.3 and 35000rpm I see no point expect for bragging rights. I cant justify a $220 case for a standard build.
Saying this I will be buying one for my bruisemaster epic planned for next year.

I have it and it’s nothing but a nightmare until it actually all goes together, practicality wise a good nylon box is the way

And the m4 screws it comes with will strip in two tear downs

have been considering one.
what kind of timeframe til they’re here.
any idea?

It’s amazing how people revere this amazing metal receiver which is only on pre order when you can get the exact same thing for around $60 bucks US delivered from other places if you look around.
I got this from asiaairsoft no prob’s and looks identical.

An APS and a MK tactical box drop right in.

Here’s another receiver which looks even better if your after a more chiseled look.


Couldn’t agree more. Great metal cases from asiaairsoft, fast delivery, never had a problem. The thing I get ABF stickers on are the mock silencers.