HE ACR fire select troubles....? :/ please diagnose

Hi all,
Recently bought above mentioned blaster and have somehow lost full automatic fire, the blaster will only fire single shot and I’ve pulled the gearbox out and made sure the selector switch and selctor gear are in the correct positions multiple times but still not full automatic.
If anybody has had this trouble before or may know what the problem might be I’d appreciate the guidance.
Cheers and happy blasting :slight_smile:

I’ve had a similar issue with my ACR. Had one fixed under warranty the second one I fixed.

At the recommmendation of @Rowan_Ralph I used a Wells selector plate as it was a bit thicker than standard. Hammering ever since.

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Actually… mine is the JM ACR not the HE… so maybe not the solution. Sorry :roll_eyes:

Yeah I thought you might have been talking bout the JM. Was kinda scratching my head for a second thinking how the hell is that going to work… Haha :slight_smile: cheers for the input but.

I’ve also got the JM so that’s not useless information to me, should I ever encounter the same issue with it :grin:

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Have you tried adjusting the position of the selector gears around? Cause the HE ACR uses some sort of a adjustable voltage regulator with a knob that connects to the gear which will be turned by the fire selector, I am not really sure what it is called but it seems to work on the electric signal to control the firing mode.

Try removing the selector plate with teeth and turn the gear all the way to the right and see if it now fires in full auto?

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Hey mate I gave that a try and it worked a treat, have now regained fully automatic fire. Cheers heaps very much appreciated mate :slight_smile:

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