HE ACR not firing

So i’ve just recieved my first large blaster and am experiencing some issues. I got the HE ACR, looks amazing, feels great, except it won’t fire. As its my first rifle i thought maybe i’d missed something. The battery is charged, magazine locked in properly, and connections seem to be working as i can use the mag primer on the barrel no issues. However when i select any fire mode and pull the trigger, nothing happens. At all.

Can anyone help?

As you have just got it I would return it if you can mate.

If not then I am sure some one here will help you.

Good luck.

Have u checked the motor connection a clip came off one of mine and would only prime the Mag hooked it back up now all is good. Like ironspear said if u just got it take it back if that’s a viable option

I’ve taken it apart and checked all the connections, i think its an issue with the gearbox itself so i’m just gonna send it back i think