HE ACR not firing

So i’ve just recieved my first large blaster and am experiencing some issues. I got the HE ACR, looks amazing, feels great, except it won’t fire. As its my first rifle i thought maybe i’d missed something. The battery is charged, magazine locked in properly, and connections seem to be working as i can use the mag primer on the barrel no issues. However when i select any fire mode and pull the trigger, nothing happens. At all.

Can anyone help?

As you have just got it I would return it if you can mate.

If not then I am sure some one here will help you.

Good luck.

Have u checked the motor connection a clip came off one of mine and would only prime the Mag hooked it back up now all is good. Like ironspear said if u just got it take it back if that’s a viable option

I’ve taken it apart and checked all the connections, i think its an issue with the gearbox itself so i’m just gonna send it back i think

My mate and I just bought a pair of these. While mine worked fine, his had the issue you are describing. Turned out to be the battery that came with it. Put my battery in and it worked perfectly. Did some testing of his battery and even though it was reading as being fully charged, it was unable to discharge or charge on a full function charger. On a cell tester it read 3v on each cell. All in all just a dodgy battery.

Changed the motor on my he acr and it almost blew up the battery i connected to it. Must have been a damaged motor so i switched it out for a different motor but now it doesnt fire. Priming works. So mofset is blown so my next project is to completely rewire it so i can use an 11.1v without worrying about burning the mofset.

I agree with Iron Spear…

If you just got it take it back to where you bought it. Should be fixed or replaced under warranty.
Taking out any screws is going to void that warranty… Chinese hardware is notoriously soft as shite so there will be visible evidence that you’ve had it apart, and the sellers are well onto the fact that we love to tear these suckers down.

Even if you bought it mail order, use your warranty entitlements. :+1: