HE ACR not firing!

Hi all, my ACR took a little bop on the weekend and now it’s now firing. I have pulled it apart and it look like all the solder is still intact. I haven’t pulled the gearbox apart yet as I feel it must be a connection elsewhere. Thoughts?

When you say “not firing” does that mean it does nothing at all or does it at least sound like something is happening yet nothing appears to happen?

Nothing at all. Oh I also checked different batteries :wink:

Dang, do you have a line tester or something you can use to check the wiring from point to point to help narrow down where the bad section is? (If there is a break)

Otherwise you could get a little LED or something and touch it to the contacts while the battery is plugged in (if it doesn’t light up, guess there’s a break in that section?)

You will need a resistor with the led because it will blow the shit out of it in microseconds otherwise :exploding_head:
I’d buy a cheap multimeter. It will come in handy for testing all sorts of stuff… Good investment

I’d also check the wire where it plugs on the motor inside the handgrip. They are often really loose.
It’s more likely to be that than a broken solder joint

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Second what Marty said but also check around trigger assembly could be a short circuit there or broken connection on contacts. Have you checked the battery was shorted when U bipped it

Thanks guys. I’ll check all of that out.