he-E 05 M4 Punisher - the fet boardi

so i funned so hard on the weekend that i broke my meatbag and am operating in muppet mode…

i can say this because i pulled down the he to check something and not only did i forget to take the before wiring harness image…i promptly forgot what wires go where…

so M+ M- B+ B- are all pretty obvious

but where i’m having issue is the mag feed. DJ+ and DJ- i would have thought but…

the issue is…constant mag feed.

any with a he want to do me a solid and post a pic of the wire harness as it attaches to the board please?

EDIT: added board image (top side)

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Could the photo in this thread help you ?

sadly no…different board entirely.

Hey, have you solved the problem yet? If not I got a V2 punisher and I guess that could give me a reason to take it apart and do some upgrades. If your wanting a photo contact me on my email ‘[email protected]’ as I’m not an active uses on this forum and only made an account to reply.

Not yet.

I figured at worst I’d strap the mag motor to the larger motor and disconnect the mag prime