HeE Punisher Front Grip Wobble

There’s nothing worse than that tacky feel you get when removable items get worn on your blaster and start moving around.

The only thing nylon on an M4 Punisher is the receiver, so all the movable ABS parts eventually become worn and start wobbling, ruining your blaster gameplay. My fore grip in particular suffered from this gremlin, seeing as it’s mounted onto the receiver with that woeful Nerf style twist lock.

Here’s how to fix that… or give you some ideas of your own, at least…

In the box you get a picatinny mounted laser sight. Now, I aint a big fan of these, so I took to it with a hacksaw and chopped off the picatinny mount part of it. What you’re left with is some pretty ugly inside mould contouring, so after levelling it of with a flat surface and sandpaper, I filled that fugly void with epoxy putty. Once hard I sanded it flat again, glued a piece of black plastic over the top and sanded the edges to clean it up.

Load it on so it’ over the picatinny join and you’re good to go. Now, you could run a picatinny guard cover instead but it’s not as solid as the clamped arrangement in the photo. No more wobble, easy to remove and doesn’t look out of place :+1:

Now to address the play between the butt stock index pin and buffer tube holes… :thinking:


Great idea mate!

You can buy them to for $12.

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Hahaha! Yeah okay, I’ll cop that one, IronSpear. :joy: Trust me mate, if I’d known I would have bought one. Still, always good to tinker, I say. :+1:

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Hehe no worries mate. Yours is the same thing, well done.

Had the same problem with my Gen 8 M4, both buffer tube and front handguard coming loose after a bit of gameplay. I did some mods on the front handguard which now secure it firmly but I think I will still add one of those across the rails anyway.

@IronSpear - they say Gen 8 but not if its fitted with the stock handguard as it will be too short. I found this which I will use: