Helmar H4000 silicone oil for gbb maintenance?

Hey guys,

Has anyone here used Helmar H4000 silicone oil for their gbb maintenance or knows if it’s suitable?

Cheer lads.

i think it doesn’t contain any petroleum distillates in it so thats good but the weight is an unknown (how thick it is), so because of that i would rather go for some rc shock oil, its 100% silicone and you can buy it in different weights depending on your needs

What do you mean by weights? Like pumping iron? :muscle:t2: lol jokes, do you mean like different parts will need different percentage or something? I’ve read somewhere that the slide, trigger assembly will use a different percentage oil(I think 50% to 60%) to the oil that’s used for the magazine CO2 cap?

yeah its just like in motor oil, silicone oil comes in different weights or cst which is how thick the oil is, use something too thick where a lighter oil is needed or the opposite and use a thin oil where a thicker oil is needed can damage by not lubricating or protecting properly, you will want a thicker oil for metal on metal like your slide rails but will want a tjinner stuff for vales on your mag for example

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Oh okay, so what weights do you suggest for which parts? & What do you use yourself?

i think a 10wt or lower if you can find it for mag and you will want a 30 or 35wt for slide, ive seen retailers recommending 60wt for slides on the co2 pistols so its upto you, have a google search on gbb co2 a1rsoft pistols cos there is much info on this subject from people that have been using them for years, after all your gel blaster is the same when it comes to maintenance

Im using WD-40 Specialist High Performance Silicone Lubricant, doesn’t contain petroleum & safe on rubber (o-ring). Its a lot cheaper this way & does the job.

you are wrong, it does contain petroleum distillates and is not good to use at all

Personally, do you use 35wt or 60wt for your slides?

Prob a bit late, I use helmar H4000 silicone oil for lube in XTP.
About $7 for 100ml from helmar, as against $25 for 30ml Abbey.

I use the the H4000 Spray can to wash out after use (instead of degreaser) and valve lube.
About $8 can from helmar.

Molytec silicone grease on the slide.
From Autobarn.

Hey crums1969 how are you finding the molytec grease on the slide?

Also what parts are you using the oil on?

I’m ordering as per what you were saying but looks like autobarn no longer stock.

I am using the grease on the slide and also on the orings. Still on the original orings.
The molytec grease appears to be ok so far.
Oil for every other moving part. eg valve, hammer, springs, anywhere hard to reach.

I ordered Helmar products direct from their Australian website.
Molytec silicon grease was in store, not on the website at the time I purchased it.

Hope this helps you out.

Cool mate thanks heaps I appreciate the feedback. I rang moly to see what distributors they have in our area just waiting on a call back. Will order the other stuff as mentioned.

Hey Crums

Just wanted to say thanks on the recommendation on those products. They work a treat and the XTP runs like a beast. Lots of lube helped with mag gas leak issues i was originally experiencing.

Forgot to ask what gels are you having best success with through the XTP?