HELP: "anti reverse ratchet mechanism" J10

Upgrading to metal gears and I can not get the “anti reverse ratchet mechanism” to sit in place ON MY J10. I can get the original plastic one to, but not the metal one for the metal gears.

I have been at it for hours… Ho the hell do you do it!? :confused:

Please any help wil be greatly appreciated.

Just sit the end of a flat screw driver on it ,then pull it out when you put the top case on

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Couple of tricks I use

Bend the end of the anti reverse spring up at the end the side that sits against the gearbox. AS trick I picked up, add downward pressure or something.
Or use a strong as fook magnet to hold it in place…


Thanks heaps, bending the pin really did the trick! :slight_smile:

I did a full upgrade of metal gears, spring O ring etc…
I also whacked in a new motor ‘11.1v 35000RPM Highest performance Motor’.
Pieced everything back together said a quick prayer and then squeezed the trigger…


Not a sound… I was expecting to hear gears crunching and springs popping, but not a sound.
Noticed after a few seconds that my stock battery was smoking.

What went wrong?
When sliding the but back on i accidentally pinched the wires a bit I thought it was only superficial where it pealed off the plastic to expose the silver wires. Im not sure if this could be the cause?
Or is the stock battery not comparable with the motor?

I also purchased a ‘MASADA/ACR 11.1v, 1000mAh battery’ but Im scared to plug that one in encase it get fried too.

Any suggestions?

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Do not try the new Lipo!
It could be a few things.
Motor is running in the wrong direction
Gears are jammed
A short circuit
My guess is the motor is reversed so can’t turn because of the anti reverse

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If gears are jammed would I not hear any noise when squeezing the trigger?
How is the motor running in the wrong direction, and how would I reverse it?
And also is my old stock battery done now… or could it potentially still be ok, Im going to need to plug a battery into it at some point to trouble shoot. hmm…

If the motor is running backwards it will not turn because the anti reverse will stop it.
You can just swap the wires on the back of the motor, but you need to be sure.
Someone else on here has had a motor that was incorrectly marked for + or -.
If your battery is puffed or the wiring has melted then it will need replacing .
Before you install the motor make sure the gears spin freely and also check which way the motor spins .
You also need to be sure the pinion to bevel mesh is set correctly.


Thanks I will have a look at those things.
But what do you mean by “pinion to bevel mesh” ?


Please do a YouTube search for how to shim a gel blaster gearbox.
The motor pinion gear and matching bevel gear needs to have the correct clearance so they are not too tight or too loose .
If they are loose you risk stripping them and if too tight the motor will have a hard job spinning them.

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@shottaz @Luke

Please guys be very careful with Lipo batteries!
If shorted or overloaded (Jammed gearbox)
Lipos can explode violently !!!
Allways use a fuse either just after the battery or make up a lead with a fuse in it to plug between your battery plug and the blasters input plug, this can then be used first to ensure safety and to protect your expensive toy, and not burn your house down :+1:


What size fuse for standard blasters
And modified?

I personally use 15 - 20amp on stock blasters and 25 to 30amp on modified blasters depending on gear ratio, spring, battery and motor used.
Keep in mind this will not protect the mag motor or its wiring.
This will give more than you will need but still give some protection to you main motor and most lipo’s.

Cheers bud, going to look at installing some on the kids blasters as insurance🤞🏽.
Just blew this 40amp on my perun with a m170 spring, glad they come out like that factory.


Cheap insurance if things go south :+1:

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