Help! Beretta not feeding

Im new to gel blasters, and I recently bought the m4 gen 8 and beretta m92 from tactoys and the beretta seems to have trouble feeding the second half of the mag. When i turn the ■■■ upside down it shoots just fine but i find that a little impractical.
Any help?

There will always be Gels in the feeding tube that will not fire until you fill the mag again

You lose half your gels everytime you do an empty prime filling up the mag feed tube and the little feed tube to the t piece.

What I do is fill the mag, prime the blaster, refill… half the mag fills the tubes so top it up. Get about 40 or so gels out of these Berettas that way… 20 or so the other.

Just don’t forget to clear those tubes before putting it up tho, hey? :wink: