Help identifying gearbox

Hi all,

Gel blaster n00b. Bought one off Wish (electric M762) because it looked pretty cool.

Turned up, did some Googling and found about upgrades etc.

Ive dismantled the blaster and found this gearbox:

Cant seem to identify it.

Can anyone help?

Im fancying a few upgrades (if its possible), piston, spring, gears, motor and barrel maybe?

Hey @fozzyneal maybe you could do the barrel. I can’t say I’ve seen any parts going for a box like that.

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Thanks @BigWeetBix. I would guess I could stick a spring in it also? Squeeze some more power out of it? What about a new motor, will that increase fire rate?

Mate I’d work on getting the air seal perfect before even thinking about a spring, if you crack the box or strip the gears getting a replacement is going to be difficult …

Better motor should be fine though?

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The shape makes it look a little like a V.3 gearbox but seems to be a modified pistol plunger setup.

I don’t think you’ll find any mods for it tbh :frowning: as others have said try to make the air seal as good as you can and relube the gears and plunger oring.

Good luck.

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Heres a though - could I replace it with a different gearbox?

It’s smaller than a V3, it looks like one of the older JM gearboxes (maybe a Gen3? I couldn’t be sure…)

The number and arrangement of the gears are wrong for a V3 as well.

Check out a search of “gearbox” on Zhenduo toys (Here), I think they have the best range of different gearboxes (more than just JM or V2/V3 copies anyway).

This gear box is the same as the STD 1911 hopper fed gel blaster, ( pistol) from what I just pulled apart yesterday for my brother…
Looks the exact same

From what I know you can’t really upgrade it.

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